Gems, Jewelry & Badass Nevada Bling

Gems, Jewelry & Badass Nevada Bling

Everyone loves gifts that come in little boxes. Luckily, as one of the mining capitals of the entire planet, the Silver State is spoiled with things that sparkle. Our many handmade jewelry masters offer incredible choices, from Nevada stones on Nevada-mined silver to all varieties of turquoise, and everything in between. If you’re looking to serve up some memories on the rocks, whisk them off on a rockhounding expedition, where visitors can hunt or mine for garnets, quartz, turquoise, and even Virgin Valley black fire opals—Nevada’s official state gem. (Some experiences are seasonal and may not be available at a given moment, but it never hurts to think—and gift— ahead.)

When it comes to bling-worthy baubles, Nevada is literally full of gems 

Jewelers & Gem Shops

Reno, Sparks, Tonopah, Goldfield, Austin, Boulder City, Laughlin & Elko

Sierra Sage Designs

Inspired by the Nevada high desert she “love[s] to pieces,” Sierra Sage Designs crafts beautiful pieces of jewelry. Silver State icons like Lake Tahoe and wild horses are accented by gems and beads.


OSO Design Lab

Laser-cut wood and acrylic goodies come to life inside this Sparks workshop. Intricately designed earrings and necklaces, along with other delights, will have everyone asking where you got your jewelry.


Tonopah Trading Company

Locally sourced turquoise and silver shine at the Tonopah Trading Company, which also stocks artisan gifts and home goods.


Enigmata Esoterica

From stones and bones to art and jewelry, Enigmata Esoterica brings those desert magic vibes to life in Goldfield. Visit in person to explore all the gems within.


Jason’s Art Gallery

Next time you’re cruising the Loneliest Road in America, pull over for a pit stop in Austin at Jason’s Art Gallery, also known as Little Bluebird Turquoise. With turquoise mined from the surrounding area, an incredibly impassioned local jewelry maker, and shockingly affordable pricing, you’ll have no trouble finding an authentic Nevada souvenir.


Erick Begay Native American Jewelry

Featuring the finest in Native American art, you’ll find bolo ties, belt buckles, watches, sandpaintings, and a wide range of jewelry, including pieces crafted by master silversmith and goldsmith Erick Begay

Boulder City

Honey & Goldies

Drawing inspiration from western design, you can shop floral wreath bands, turquoise rings, sterling silver cuffs, and gemstone baubles, or craft custom necklaces, engagement rings, and stacking bands—sourced from right here in Nevada, whenever possible, by a proprietor whose personal pastime is perusing old abandoned mines with her partner. 


Electric Desert Studio

Prepare yourself to be bombarded with compliments when you rock handmade rings, cuffs, earrings, and bolos from this Reno-based jeweler.


Wuve Handmade

Put some cheer in your ear with a pair of glittery saguaro cacti, smoky crescent moons, dangly rainbows, or even sparkly hot dog earrings made by hand in Laughlin.


KH Designs

Elko-based KH Designs is your go-to for one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Shop sterling silver baubles made with elk ivory and turquoise, or work directly with a master metalsmith to fashion custom earrings, bangles, necklaces, and rings.  


Rockhounding Adventures Anyone Can Really Dig

Tonopah, Goldfield, Ely & Denio

Otteson Brothers Turquoise Mine Tours

Sink your pickaxe into massive tailing piles at the Otteson Brothers Turquoise Mine Tours in Tonopah. With gems spanning a color spectrum including robin’s egg blue, cerulian, indigo, teals and beyond, all you’ve gotta do is pick your hue, load up your dig bucket, and Otteson’s will cut and polish some of your best finds for you to take home.



Considered one of the best chalcedony claims in the world, rockhounders routinely discover a spectrum of colorful souvenirs at Gemfield. If you strike out in the field, peruse the rock shop and bookstore for ready-to-take-home treasures.


Garnet Hill

Local and visiting geologists and rockhounds head to Garnet Hill for sizable garnets that can be found laying right on top of the ground, lodged in matrix, or buried in large deposits beneath the ground. 


Virgin Valley Black Fire Opals

Some of the best rockhounding in northern Nevada awaits around Denio, in northwestern Nevada near the Oregon Border. Rockhounders from around the world head here to hunt opalized wood, in one of the only places in the world this very rare process occurred, forming the Virgin Valley black fire opal, Nevada’s official state gemstone. Some of the best opal mines in Nevada can be found in this region—just take your pick.

Nearest Denio

Royal Peacock Opal Mines

In his buckaroo days, owner Harry Wilson would uncover mysterious glimmering stones and trade them for a shot of whiskey here or there. Eventually, he and his wife purchased this mine and opened a pay-to-dig operation to the public, producing extremely rare and beautiful specimens. Visitors can choose from bank digging, hand-tooling away for sizable opals, or opt to rake through existing tailings in search of previously undiscovered bounties. May 15 – October 15.

Nearest Denio

Bonanza Opal Mines

At Bonanza, you can dig for opals amidst the rugged beauty of the Virgin Valley in northern Nevada. The mine is surrounded by fantastic high-desert landscape and wildlife, with plenty to do and explore nearby. As featured on the Travel Channel’s “Cash & Treasures” program, the mine is open for tailings digging from Memorial Day through September.

Nearest Denio

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine

Since 1949, the Hodson family has offered avid rockhounders the option to comb through tailings or go big on reservation-required Virgin Ground Loads, allowing visitors to dig into giant loader scoops, pulled fresh from the bank that morning, with special tools that work through clay more gingerly than traditional pickaxes and shovels. May through September.

Nearest Denio