Rainbow Canyon at Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Caliente

Discover Your Nevada

So. You call yourself a Nevadan. Well then, neighbor, we’re curious… How are you living #ThatNevadaLife?

To be sure, our metros are some of the most vibrant, happening places on Earth. That’s why people flock to them from all over the world. But when’s the last time you left yours behind and hit the highway on a little only-in-Nevada adventure? To gaze up at some of the brightest stars in the darkest skies? To explore a ghost town teeming with Silver State stories? To clink Basque Picons with a local over killer grub and taller tales? To seek solitude and solace in some #nofilter-worthy wilderness, miles from any crowds? (And, of course, to flaunt your home-state pride by snagging some made-in-Nevada goodies along the way!)

Ready to get on the road and off the grid, and truly Discover Your Nevada? 

Here’s the thing: The more Nevada you know, the more Nevadan you are. And now is a perfect time to get out here, explore your own state, and really live #ThatNevadaLife.

Explore Activities

Be warned: your Nevada bucket list is about to get longer. Because if you can dream it, you can find it right here in our own home state. To help you with that, here are some tried-and-true bits of Silver State inspo to get you going.

Nevada Inspirations

Nevada Ghost Towns

Belmont Ghost Town

Sagebrush Saloons

Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings Nevada

Nevada Museums

Showgirl wall at Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

It’s all right here. In your very own state. And the memories that await you are infinite. So then, dear Battle Born adventurer. Maybe it’s time to discover YOUR Nevada. 

We Nevadans are no strangers to a good time. And we all have our favorite local spots to escape to. However, while you’ve probably beach-dayed it up at Tahoe or partied on the water at Lake Mead, how many times have you soaked in one of Nevada’s hundreds of natural hot springs, pristine alpine lakes, or wild rivers and mountain streams? Maybe it’s time to dip those toes in

You may have tackled some trails around Red Rock, Valley of Fire, and the Sierra Nevada, but have you navigated Cathedral Gorge’s slot canyons, wandered among Great Basin National Park’s 5,000-year-old bristlecone pines, or beheld the view from atop the Ruby Mountains? Maybe it’s time to dust off those boots

Monster Burger, Middlegate Station, Hwy 50 outside of Fallon
Monster Burger Challenge
Black Rock Hot Springs

Perhaps you’ve gorged yourself on all-you-can-eat sushi and sipped some world-class cocktails at your favorite local lounge, but have you ever attempted to slay the Middlegate Monster burger, plowed through each course of a traditional Basque family-style feast, or learned to take a Picon “punch” (Nevada’s officially unofficial state drink) to the gut? Maybe it’s time to schedule a cheat day.

And sure, you’ve burned rubber to San Francisco or LA, but have you road tripped the fabled Loneliest Road in America, the park-studded Great Basin Highway, or the wondrously weird Free-Range Art Highway? Maybe it’s time to pack the adventure-mobile

In love with the Silver State as much as we are? Learn what you can do to help us keep the places we cherish special—and open—for us and future generations.


While you’re out here livin’ #ThatNevadaLife, tag your pics to share the adventure with your fellow Nevadans. If we love your Silver State story, look for your snaps here.


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Ideas for Travel #59: Don’t forget to stop in Caliente, NV.
When #mountainbike road-tripping between Las Vegas and Hurricane, Utah, stop in Caliente. Trust me, the riding is worth it.
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Throwback to an 'out of this world' roadtrip 👽
When you're feeling a little weird, you roadtrip to explore Nevada and gotta see Area 51👽
I’m not going to lie, this climb kinda scared the crap out of me. So much about climbing is trusting your guide and your gear, but it had been a few years since I’ve been on a wall and I was also pretty hungry, so it was safe to say my mind wasn’t in the best place. Either way, it is pretty cool to be able to shoot photos from the middle of a multi-pitch route. Maybe I’d do it again…for the gram of course.
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Planning trips in late Feb/early March are tricky. We had to adjust plans a few times due to weather and permits. Landed on a 12 mile paddle through the Black Canyon, down the Colorado River...making stops along the way to explore and soak in 4 different hot springs, then camped on the beach with an impressive fire, post an under the stars soak adventure. Not sure how I’m going to go back to a life that doesn’t include a daily nature soak 🤷🏻‍♀️ becky.schreiber wins the trip saver award for coming up with plan F that was an A+ adventure and thankful for kkurc for doing all the hard work of steering the canoe 🛶
Visited the coolest bar I've ever seen in Nevada, the Pioneer Saloon over 100 years old and been in hundreds of movies and video games #PioneerSaloon #SaloonBar #Bar #Nevada #Western #Movies #Goodsprings #Fallout #NewVegas #Bikers #Route66 #HarleyDavidson #RoadTrip #USA #America #Country
5 months and 15 days until deep playa sunsets. Stoked to get to return to a flooded playa at the end of April for a little #boatingman #barbthebarbarian guada.lupe.diver #blackrockdesert #DFMI #burningman Van
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✨📦 It’s been a while since i’ve felt excited about shooting again. This time I’m trying to teach myself how to shoot better climbing photos and it feels all shiny and new to pick up my camera. ✨✨✨
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 
Do you have any fun photo projects on the horizon or new things you’re trying with photography?

Also if you shoot climbing photos, would love any tips! 🙏🏻 Crashpad #gifted by metoliusclimbing
🛶 Lake Tahoe at the Stateline, Nevada.

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The Mantis
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