The Ike’s Canyon Ranch is a wilderness lodge located dead center in the state of Nevada, and in the heart of the old west. From the ranch, every outdoor adventure is at your fingertips. Wild horses, elk, antelope, deer, mountain lions, grouse, eagles, owls, hawks, coyotes, badgers, fox and of course the ubiquitous rabbit all call this home. At 7,000’ elevation the night skies are like none you have ever seen. Pleasant day time temperatures and cool evenings provide a great getaway from the summer heat.

Visit the website to see your choices of accommodations and pictures of the ranch and surrounding area. There is a modern kitchen available, Wi-Fi and, while your cell phone won’t work out here, there is a phone available to you. Self-guided and guided tours will help you immerse yourself in what this part of a wonderful world has to offer.

Typically, you will have the ranch to yourself. The ranch only accommodates up to 6 people and the owners try not to overlap guests.

This Location:

North Central, Nevada




North Central