Cannabition museum

Like the body high of an Indica or the visual stimulation from a Sativa, Cannabition is an immersive experience that engages our sensory imagination. Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, the world’s first cannabis museum welcomes visitors with massive works of art and interactive displays inspired by cannabis. Designed to wow the crowds of Las Vegas, visitors can slide into a pool of brightly-colored foam “nugs” and stare skyward at the world’s largest bong, “Bongzilla.” The perfect addition to a city famous for luring thrill-seekers from around the world, Cannabition blends art, science, and entertainment in epic proportions.

With safety, education, and fun being overseen by the museum’s “Canna-Guides,” every visitor is guaranteed a positive – and potentially transformative – experience at Cannabition. While the museum is a non-consumption space under current state and federal law, Cannabition opens minds by teaching visitors about the amazing versatility of a miracle plant. After completing their immersive cannabis journey, guests can relax in the full-service bar or shop Cannabition’s retail store, featuring an extensive selection of glass art and CBD-infused products. After October 20th, we will be open every day at 4:20 pm in Downtown Las Vegas. Cannabition is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, designed to delight and inspire.

This Location:

Southern Nevada, Nevada


Las Vegas


Southern Nevada