Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Reno Playa Art Park

Explore a myriad of larger-than-life art installations that once stood on the Black Rock Desert during the annual Burning Man Event in downtown Reno.

RENO, NV 89509

(775) 827-7600

Want to check out Burning Man’s reputable larger-than-life art installations, but not quite ready to hit the playa? Good news! You can have your cake and eat it too, with one of Reno’s newest free public art installations: Reno Playa Art Park. Situated in the heart of downtown Reno just north of the Reno Arch, the Reno Gateway Project recently introduced the Reno Playa Art Park to the public in downtown Reno. 

This park was a Burning Man 2016 Global Arts Grant Recipient and is made up of several incredible art pieces that stood on the playa for the 2016 Burn. Being the closest city to the annual Burning Man Event has a myriad of benefits, but leaving an influence on the Biggest Little City, specifically with its high caliber arts installations, is arguably the most beneficial. 

While you can experience several other Burning Man art installations throughout downtown Reno, like the Sculpture Garden in Bicentennial Park, other locations scattered along the Truckee River. But, it’s safe to say that the Reno Playa Art Park is easily the most immersive place to get a sense of the quality of art that stands at Black Rock City each August. 

TravelNevada PRO TIP: If you’ve ever been to Burning Man, or seen any photos of this incredible event, you’ll know that neon and light shows in general are extremely popular. Would you expect the art installations to be any different? Of course not! Though visiting the Reno Playa Art Park is amazing no matter the time of day, the most ideal time to explore these sculptures is in the evening hours, especially during the summer season. Though the installations rotate, you might just luck out and find one that illuminates!


The Reno Playa Art Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for interpretive tours at no cost.

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