Biking Trails in the Silver State

Ready to tackle some two-wheel territory on your next road trip to the Silver State? From freshly-laid smoothly-paved biking trails in Tahoe and the Las Vegas Valley to wide-open highway treks to thousands of miles of single track tucked throughout damn near every mountain range in Nevada, take your pick and let’s ride

For fans of full-suspension, Nevada’s mountain biking scene screams with thousands of miles of routes and trails of all levels, from easy rolls to fast and flowy to serious-business rocky, technical rough terrain. Trail ride world-renowned mountain switchbacks, old-school EPIC-certified routes, and hundreds of miles of brand new singletrack mountain biking trails that are breaking ground all over the state. 

Point those handlebars solidly downhill at Boulder City’s Bootleg Canyon, tear up trails all over Ely, crush crowdless cross-country throughout Austin’s slice of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, and don’t you dare miss world-famous, vista-studded Tahoe trails, like the Flume Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail—some of the most scenic mountain biking trails in the United States. Some brand-new must-dos for all mountain bikers, include the serious singletrack Shangri-La at Caliente’s Barnes Canyon Mountain Biking Trails System, some historic Death Valley area wild burro trails turned singletrack at the Spicer Ranch in Beatty. Hop on a Las Vegas mountain biking tour to take on fire roads turned mountain bike routes in the surrounding Spring Mountains.


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Paved Paradise

Road bikers owe themselves a loop through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, as well as a climb (and then a brake-burner) up and down Elko’s glacier-carved Lamoille Canyon. Feeling ambitious? All 72 miles of road around Lake Tahoe are cycling territory. And the endless horizons along Highway 50—the Loneliest Road in America—are a bikepacker’s dream.

For family fun, there’s a light at the end of the tunnels on Boulder City’s Historic Railroad Trail—or even let things go on the rails with Rail Explorers, a rare, all-ages chance to try rail biking in Nevada, and keep your adventure literally on track

Whatever you’re after, bring—or rent—your wheels, dial up your sense of adventure, and let the Silver State take care of the rest. Ride on, baby!


From world-renowned rips in Tahoe to miles upon miles of completely crowdless singletrack, rides this good need to be documented. Tag #NVAdventure to bring us along as you bunny hop your way through the Silver State. If we love your photo, you may find it featured here.

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Don't look down. 👀 North Lake Tahoe's famous Flume Trail offers some of the most incredible panoramic views for cyclists. If you're visiting the region and don't have a bike, there are several local outfitters you can rent from. For the Flume Trail specifically, check out the folks at flumetrailbikes for a rental. When you're done adventuring, head over to tunnelcreekcafe for lunch on their outdoor patio. Thanks for sharing the rad photo with us, stefano_barberi.
After two months of searching, lydia.r.penn finally found the mythical, one-of-a-kind #RTCRainbowBike!⠀
Out of rtcsnv's entire fleet of 200 bikes (spread across 21 stations in DTLV), there’s only one painted in rainbow colors. The bike was introduced June 1, 2018, to coincide with Pride month and was featured in RTC’s Pride rides in 2018, as well as in a contest to win a free year Bike Share membership.⠀
Have you ridden the #RTCRainbowBike?⠀
📸: lydia.r.penn / Shout out to bicycleboy702 for the info!
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#ESCAPE the Vegas heat
I was going to say something along the lines of “don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a biking account,” but honestly biking is just so freaking fun AND takes you to some pretty insane places soooo just let me have my fun until I can finally start backpacking again (still looking at you, 5.8 earthquake 😑). Toured Red Rock by bike for the first time this weekend and it was such a cool and new way to see a park that I know so well! (unfortunately ride was almost ruined by strava losing my ride stats, but don’t worry, all was well after a manual entry and a short stack of pancakes at ihop) 🌵
Enjoyed a long bike ride and a stop at the local coffee shop. Delicious ice cream and coffee!
Reallly getting into these  night time #mountainbike rides! The #nevadadesert is an entirely different beauty at night! #konabikes #goride #dakine
Fast and furious .
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