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Two Wheel Territory

With thousands of miles of open road, wild trails, and untracked backcountry, on terrain ranging from butter-smooth asphalt to desert washes and rocky alpine ridges, Nevada is home to some truly epic rides. Whether you’re ready to rip spine-tingling singletrack mountain bike trails in Nevada’s hundreds of mountain ranges, or you’re looking for easy, scenic cycling on freshly paved roads, Spring Mountains scenic byways and shore-hugging Lake Tahoe bike paths, all you need are two wheels and a sense of adventure. The wildly diverse Silver State will take care of the rest. 

Find All Bike Trails
Find All Bike Trails
  • Cycling Across the Loneliest Road in America
  • Riding the Tahoe Flume, Bootleg Canyon, and Bloody Shins Trails
  • Caliente: Nevada’s New Mountain Bike Mecca

With thousands of miles of open road, wild trails, and untracked backcountry, on everything from freshly paved asphalt to desert washes and rocky alpine ridges, Nevada is home to some truly epic rides.

Rip the Ride of Your Life on Trails Systems Across the Silver State

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Road tripping across one of the most legendary stretches in the Silver State is sure to satisfy—but how about cycling across it? Thousands of people come to Nevada every year to ride the 400+ miles along the Loneliest Road in America from South Lake Tahoe, all the way to Baker, on the Utah border. By riding the entire route, cyclists secure the bragging rites of riding across the entire state, and, as the most mountainous state in the Lower 48, of navigating elevation gains ranging between 2,300 and 5,000 feet per day

However, if you’re driving across with your mountain bike in tow, instead, plan an overnight or multi-day stop in Austin, whose chaparral-cloaked hillsides draw bikers of all skill levels looking to log solid miles. Ely is quickly becoming eastern Nevada’s mountain biking basecamp, with hundreds of miles of trail systems in the region. A robust trail network threads Cave Lake State Park’s limestone cliffs and Ward Mountain’s pinyon and junipers, and be sure to get your hands on a Great Basin bike trail map to get the know on trail riding near Sacramento Pass along with permissible road cycling spots within Great Basin National Park itself.

mountain biking at barnes canyon
Barnes Canyon Mountain Bike Trails

From fast and flowy to rocky and technical, Caliente’s Barnes Canyon Mountain Bike Trails’ quickly expanding trails system is one of Nevada’s newest singletrack tail systems. Here, riders can get in on solitude, adventure, and excitement while exploring diverse geology and topography on concentric loops of difficulty, just a few minutes from downtown Caliente. With miles of trails at Barnes Canyon, Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Ella Mountain, and Caliente City trails—complete with a skills track bike park— it’s easy to see why Caliente is quickly becoming the mountain biking mecca of the Silver State. 

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Cave Lake State Park

Up in northern Nevada, the name says it all. Winnemucca’s Bloody Shins Trail promises 17-miles of leg-scratching, high-desert sagebrush. The track is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced grades, with some playful, flowy stretches and a few rock-studded challenges. In the southern part of the state, get into great mountain biking trails in Mesquite, or ride hundred-year-old burro trails-turned singletrack in Beatty’s Spicer Ranch mountain biking course, too. 

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Feeling competitive? Head for Nevada cycling events like Caliente’s Beaver Dam Gravel Grinder Mountain Bike Ride or the country’s oldest enduro race at Ely’s Fears, Tears and Beers.

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Tour Lake Tahoe’s Mountain Biking Bliss

Prized as one of the most jaw-dropping trails in the Lake Tahoe basin—and world— visitors from all over the planet head for the Lake Tahoe Flume Trail for unbeatable hiking, mountain biking, and some of the best (and most exciting) views of Big Blue. Hugging the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side, a portion of the Flume Trail begins at Spooner Lake State Park, climbing 1,100 feet that tops out at Marlette Lake. Expect to ride through granite boulders the size of Volkswagens, bomb an incredible 1,600 foot drop into Sand Harbor, and all-around spectacular singletrack along this Lake Tahoe mountain biking wonderland.

mountain biking the flume trail
Lake Tahoe Flume Trail
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Lake Tahoe Flume Trail

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Your time two wheeling Tahoe isn’t complete without riding the iconic Tahoe Rim Trail, either. A 165-mile trail system circling the entirety of the Tahoe area—around North and South Lake Tahoe—cyclists can access nine trailheads throughout and ride all sections except those within the Desolation Wilderness. The Tahoe Rim Trail and Flume Trail become one near Spooner Summit, and other terrain promises a variety of intermediate to advanced riding throughout.  

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Crisscrossed by thousands of miles of trail, read up on where to find that perfect horseback riding route, cross country skiing trek, OHV riding network, hiking trail maps and more at

Zero in on the Las Vegas Cycling Scene

Sin City thrills in so many ways, and Las Vegas cycling and mountain biking is no exception. Just beyond the bright lights of the Strip, cycle through one of the most gorgeous, red rock canyons in the United States. Just east of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the 10-mile Badger Pass Loop via 3 Mile Smile Trail weaves its way through vibrant desertscapes. It’s not Tour de France steep, but the slow and steady 1,000-foot ascent makes for a solid workout. And, cycling Las Vegas has never been more spectacular than the Blue Diamond Loop along the North Cottonwood Trail system. Boasting small drops, rock gardens, sand, hard pack and moderate climbs and descents, this ride is loaded with everything the cyclist in all of us hopes for.

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Cottonwood Canyon Trail

Nevada BLM

mountain biking in las vegas
Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park

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Beyond the asphalt, head for mountain biker Shangri-La at Bootleg Canyon. Nestled in the mountains hugging historic Boulder City, the area was known for—you guessed it—bootlegging back in the Prohibition era. Today, this raved-about mountain biking network is made of 9, gravity-testing descents and 15 cross-country trails, and considered to be one of the best mountain biking spots in the country. As one of only 17 worldwide destinations championing the title of an “Epic Ride”, bomb down 36 miles of trails through routes like “The Reaper,” “Dominatrix,” and “Armageddon,” though the area has plenty of trails for intermediate and advanced riders, too.

Two Wheel Territory

Think road tripping this state with four tires is an adventure? Try two. From some of the state’s most storied routes in places like Red Rock and Tahoe, to some of the West’s newest brag-worthy singletrack trails, newbies and advanced riders will like what they find in the Silver State.


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Southern Nevada - Spring Mountains - 
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#ESCAPE the Vegas heat
I was going to say something along the lines of “don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a biking account,” but honestly biking is just so freaking fun AND takes you to some pretty insane places soooo just let me have my fun until I can finally start backpacking again (still looking at you, 5.8 earthquake 😑). Toured Red Rock by bike for the first time this weekend and it was such a cool and new way to see a park that I know so well! (unfortunately ride was almost ruined by strava losing my ride stats, but don’t worry, all was well after a manual entry and a short stack of pancakes at ihop) 🌵