Getting Around Nevada

Getting To and Around Nevada

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You never know what you’ll see or whom you’ll meet on public transportation, but you’re bound to arrive with a great story or two.

Know Before You Go

From endangered plants and wildlife to wide-open roads, you never know what you’ll find in this awesomely uncanny state. And while spontaneity makes for the best kind of adventures, here are a few things that will help prepare you for the most awe-inspiring and unforgettable Nevada experience.

Road Rules

Before you buckle up for an adventure of a lifetime, there’s a few on-road and off-road basics you’ll need to know, like ensuring there’s enough gas in the tank, registering your OHV, fees and other safety equipment needed.

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Cell Service

Much like fuel stations, restrooms and drinking water, access to cell phone service can be a bit scattered in some rural parts of the state. Map out your #NVRoadTrip with gas stations, night stops, and be extra safe by letting someone know where you’re venting, plus when you plan to come back.

Hiking & Camping

Pitch a tent, park the RV or spend the night in a yurt—no matter how you choose to discover any of Nevada’s 23 state parks here’s how you can best prepare yourself for an experience unlike any other.

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Wildlife Safety Crossings

While traveling Nevada, you are sure to come across your fair share of wildlife and safety crossings. This information will ensure you are familiar with important safety tips that will keep you and the native wildlife out of harm.

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Hot Spring Etiquette

Before you test the waters and experience one of the Silver State’s hottest pastimes, be sure you dip your toes into this hot springing etiquette guide.

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Tips from the locals

Google is good. Guidebooks are better. But nothing beats having first-hand accounts and stories from real Nevadans about the once-in-a-lifetime, authentic, local experiences worth immersing yourself in while you’re here.

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International Travelers

Being a stranger in a strange land can be an exhilarating experience. But it can also come with a wide range of challenges that confront you as soon as you step off the plane. Here are a few basics to know about Nevada and traveling in the United States that will help ensure your adventures are as trouble-free as possible.

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Nevada honors licenses and permits issued by the appropriate government agency of foreign countries and an international driver license is not required for foreign visitors. Just make sure you buckle up and stay on the right side of the road.


It’s a good idea to exchange some money for U.S. dollars at home before you arrive. But you can always exchange currency at McCarran International Airport as well as many casinos throughout the state. Although, using a credit card for purchases and debit card for cash withdrawal will likely offer the best rates and convenience.


Carry some form of identification with you at all times, since you will need to verify your age (that you’re over 21) if you plan on gaming, drinking or entering nightclubs as well as when paying with credit cards or travelers checks. Also, make a copy of your passport to keep with you during the trip in case yours is lost or stolen.


English is the official language of Nevada. Spanish is also widely spoken in Nevada, and like much of the southwest, Nevada is heavily influenced by the language, Hispanic culture, and history under Spanish and Mexican rule. Tagalog is also spoken among Filipino populations.

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